Exquisite creations are never defined by its complexity, but simplicity. With revolutionary attitude towards work and commitment to exceed client expectations, we believe in pushing the envelope through determination, intensity and positive thinking. Our vast array of offerings in a nutshell are:

Web Design and Development

Unleashing the power of the web and maximising the visual potentials by leveraging its
reach is what we exactly do at Criti. Commanding presence and value on the web is not about just making money and hosting pages online. For us, it’s about giving customers a reason to visit your site again and prospects an answer to all their problems.

We build your website with a perspective of fostering and promoting business relations with customers and associates. Our team of creative experts offer custom designed websites that boost your market credibility, showcase your unique capabilities and makes it easier for people to understand your business better.

Our website designs present a careful blend of established conventions, emerging best practices and proven marketing principles with high-end design, clear GUI, relevant and focused information, easy-to-read layout, cross-browser compatibility and simplicity in designs that facilitate optimal utilisation of the marketing medium.


Dynamic and interactive business presentations not just enhance corporate image but also educate prospects by communicating message lucidly through emphasis laid on key points and thereby intensifying its impact.

We keep ourselves abreast with the latest in technology and create accurately laid designs, appealing to the eye by avoiding clutter of images and words. Whether you need a simple power point presentation or an animated interactive one, our professionals leave no scope of disappointment.
Flash Presentation

With graphics coming to life, flash presentations promote continual movement of the eye, thereby engaging the prospect and ensuring undivided attention. Flash presentations designed in consistency with your corporate branding can be quickly distributed online or offline.
Powerpoint Presentation

Creation of visually appealing templates by careful arrangement of images, avoidance of word clutter, organising space and a neat look, speaks a lot about your company. It can translate business acquaintances into long term mutually profitable business associations. Help us to Help you experience the change.
Brand identity

To survive in the competitive market place, its of utmost importance to create an identity and establish your brand at a favourable position to accelerate demand and boost profits. Creating an undisputable market space for your brand and command credibility as the preferred choice is not an easy journey.

Development of brand image goes beyond mere positioning of brand at Criti. Our professional market strategists devise plans and promotional methodologies to keep your brand ahead of the competition with accurate design sensibilities that command shelf space. Strategic promotion initiatives are undoubtedly the key to creating brand awareness and providing distinctive identity to the brand.

Associate with us to get your brand recognised and reckoned.
Logo Designing

Logo is often the first source of contact for a potential customer or a business associate. Many at times, the key intricacies that comprise to designing an effective logo is often ignored.

It’s very important to ensure that your logo speaks about your company and brand, is uniquely designed from the competitors and creates the desired impact. An impactful logo always helps in easier establishment of a brand in consumer mindsets and speaks about the credibility of your company.

Next time, you think of logo designing as playing with curves, colours and graphics by usage of two-colour or three-colour schemes, better give it a second thought. The small emblem representing your company deserves its importance to upscale your business.

Print Design

Establishing a harmonious flow of text, image and space to create desired visual impact and bringing the page to life with creative concepts is our aim when we take on projects for optimising print medium at Criti.

To get a stellar finished product, technical know-how of the subject is of crucial importance.

Be it a stylish brochure, eye-catching ad or a well-designed label, its only when great ideas blend with solid execution that you get the desired outcome. Encompassing vast array of service offerings that include advertisements, brochures, posters, illustration and photo editing, we at Criti offer endless creative possibilities to explore effectiveness and efficacies of the print medium.

If you have the power to think, we have the skills to bring your imagination and thoughts to reality. Let your imaginations speak!