About Us
Web Design and Development

Criti – Synergy of creative people towards creation of some of the most beautiful designs in the pixel world.

Never designed to function as a typical advertising agency nor as a design studio wherein bureaucracy and outrageous egos rule, we at Criti, are a creative powerhouse with deep design sensibilities and strong business acumen.

Our team of budding and experienced creative enthusiasts serve with a common goal to conceptualise, create and captivate with superior quality graphics, intriguing content and unparalleled services within timeline. At Criti, we always aim to make a difference - not just by elevating the brand image of our client businesses but also by establishing a unique identity for ourselves in the competitive market space.

It’s been over a decade that we took our first step into the crazy world of creativity, and even today we have our adrenalin juices pumping in, when it comes to creation and on-time delivery of exquisite creative masterpieces to our esteemed customers. We never wanted to overhype our offerings and claim to be great thinkers, because we believe, ‘Thinking is the enemy of creativity’.

Our quest to reach the pinnacle of creative excellence still continues with a zest to excel, that empowers and energises us every day to seek beyond the known. Continually striving to meet and exceed your expectations, we at Criti, are never too busy to return a call or revert back by e-mail.

It’s easier said than done. Therefore we firmly believe that, ‘Actions always speak louder than words’. Give us an opportunity to serve and see it for yourself.

Experience the difference and scale your business to new heights.